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Ivy Extract

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Ivy Extract

Common Name: common ivy, just ivy 

Botanical Source: Hvedera helix L.

Plant Part Used: Leaf

CAS No.: 84082-54-2

Specification: Hederacosid C 10%, 20% by HPLC;



Ivy is most widely used today as a natural treatment for respiratory tract congestion. It is a respiratory catarrh used for symptomatic treatment of chronic inflammatory bronchial conditions. Ivy contains saponins which appear to be responsible for preventing spasms in the bronchial area. It has been found the ivy leaf extract helps to increase oxygen in the lungs, and is an effective anti-inflammatory for bronchial conditions such as asthma and bronchitis.



Anti-inflammatory, Antiviral, Antimycotic, Antispasmodic, and Anthelmintic;

Treating chronic inflammatory bronchial;

Treatment of swollen glands and chronic leg ulcers;

Treatment as scabies, lice and sunburn;

Good for liver, spleen and gallbladder disorders, and for gout, arthritis, rheumatism and dysentery;

Used for burn wounds, calluses, cellulitis, inflammations, neuralgia, parasitic disorders, ulcers, rheumatic complaints and phlebitis;




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