Gotu Kola Extract

Gotu Kola Extract

Botanical Source: Centella Asiatica L

CAS No.: 84696-21-9/34540-22-2

Plant Part Used: Whole herb

Appearance: Light Brownish Yellow Powder

Specifications: Asiaticoside 3%-95%, Madecassoside 10%-85%,

                          Total Triterpenes 2%-90%

Botanical source:Centella Asiatica L.

Synonyms:Gotu Kola Powder Centella Asiatica Extract Asiaticoside Total triterpenes Madecassoside Asiaticoside B

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Product Introduction
Appearance: Fine Brownish Yellow PowderParticle Size: 80 Mesh
Loss on Drying: NMT 5.0%Ash Content: NMT 5.0%
Total Plate Count: < 10,000cfu/gTotal Yeast & Mold: < 1,000cfu/g
E. Coli: NegativeSalmonella: Negative

Heavy Metals
Arsenic (As): NMT 2ppmLead (Pb): NMT 2ppm
Cadmium (Cd): NMT 1ppmMercury(Hg): NMT 0.1ppm

Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), commonly called centella, is a small, herbaceous, annual plant of the family. Mackinlayaceae or subfamily Mackinlayoideae of family Apiaceae, and is native to India, Sri Lanka, northern Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, and other parts of Asia.

Researcher find that the Total triterpenes extracted from Gotu Kola Extract has the function of Inhibiting the proliferation of collagen fibers so as to anti-scar. Gotu Kola is now used directly to fight scars and acne marks. Gotu Kola also has a certain role in promoting skin growth, such as hand cut, long ulcer, squeezed after acne, etc. The skin where is not easy to heal, by using the Gotu Kola smear or external application can promote skin healing as soon as possible, and it also has a good anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect.

1.Promoting healthy skin, anti-wrinkle, promoting cicatrization and helping skin   conditions, such as burns, scar tissue and psoriasis

2. Enhancing mental acuity, staving off memory deterioration.

3. Improving blood flow by strengthening blood vessels, and mitigating unsightly varicose veins.

Shipment Details
1. Packing: Packed in fiber drum, LDPE bag inside. Net weight: 25kgs/drum; 
2. Storage: Keep tightly sealed, store away from moisture, strong heat and sunlight;
3. Lead time: Usually 7-10days after order confirmed;
4. Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions;