Rosemary Extract

Botanical Source: Rosemarinus officinalis L.

CAS No.: 20283-92-5

Plant Part Used: Leaf

Specification: Rosemarinic acid 2% to 98%;

                      Ursolic acid 15% to 98%;

                      Carnosic acid 5% to 98%

Botanical source:Rosemarinus officinalis L.

Synonyms:Rosemary powder Carnosic Acid Rosemary oil Rosmarinic Acid Ursolic Acid

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Product Introduction
Appearance: Fine brownish yellow powderParticle Size: 80 Mesh
Loss on Drying: NMT 5.0%Ash Content: NMT 5.0%
Total Plate Count: <10,000 cfu/gTotal Yeast & Mold: <1000 cfu/g
E. Coli: NegativeSalmonella: Negative

Heavy Metals
Arsenic (As): NMT 2ppmLead (Pb): NMT 3ppm
Cadmium (Cd): NMT 1ppmMercury(Hg): NMT 0.1ppm


Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) is a well-known culinary herb. It also can apply to the skin, the rosemary essential oil helps strengthen the capillaries and has a rejuvenating effect. Recent research is now revealing more benefits attached to this remarkable herb, including its ability to help prevent cancer and age-related skin damage, boost the function of the liver and act as a mild diuretic to help reduce swelling.

Rosmarinic acid exhibits various pharmacological activities including prevention of oxidation of low density lipoprotein, inhibition of murine cell proliferative activity and of cyclooxygenase, and anti-allergic action.

Ursolic aicd has wide biological effect and antioxidant effect, which act positively in anti-aging and removing splash. It can prevent and improve wrinkle and old-age splash through restore the skin’s collagen bundle construction and elastic. As a kind of cosmetics, it's steady, its color and odor won't change with the time. In addition, it has a good sense of touch.  

Carnosic acid has outstanding fat-solubility, which can be used as antioxidant in meat storage, dairy products, oily-rich products, sweets etc. 


1. Excellent antioxidant ability

2. Improving the blood circulation

3. Meliorating heart-throb hyperfunction and other handicaps of cordis nerves

4. Prohibiting acetylcholine from being decomposed, activate brain cells

5. Improving reminiscence

Shipment Details
11. Packing: Packed in fiber drum, LDPE bag inside. Net weight: 25kgs/drum; 
2. Storage: Keep tightly sealed, store away from moisture, strong heat and sunlight;
3. Lead time: Usually 7-10days after order confirmed;
4. Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions.