The functions & market prospects of sodium copper chlorophyll


As a green natural pigment widely used in food, medicine and cosmetics industry, the role and market prospect of sodium copper chlorophyll have attracted much attention. This substance is a complex prepared by chemical reaction of chlorophyll with copper and sodium, which not only retains the natural color and nutritional value of chlorophyll, but also improves its stability and solubility in different pH environments through the introduction of metal ions, making it more widely used.

In the food industry, sodium copper chlorophyll is widely used as a natural color additive for confectionery, beverage and bakery products because of its excellent coloring properties and safety. At the same time, due to the increasing demand of consumers for healthy natural products, its advantages as a natural food additive are more prominent. In the field of medicine, the antioxidant and wound-healing properties of sodium copper chlorophyll salt make it an important ingredient in a variety of medicines and health products. In addition, in the cosmetics industry, it is also used in a variety of skin care and makeup products because of its good antioxidant properties and green properties that increase the attractiveness of products.


In terms of market prospects, with the increasing global pursuit of healthy and natural products, sodium copper chlorophyll as a multi-functional, efficient and safe natural pigment, its market demand is at a rapid growth stage. It is expected that in the next few years, with the progress of production technology and the expansion of application fields, the demand for copper chlorophyll sodium salt in the global market will continue to grow, and the market prospect is broad. In addition, the preference for environmentally friendly and sustainable products will further drive the market expansion of sodium copper chlorophyll salt, making it a shining pearl in the green health industry.