The best mulberry fruit tea drinker


Mulberries are rich in vitamins, minerals, trace elements and anthocyanins, and are loved by the majority of consumers.


There are mainly 6 kinds of anthocyanins existing in plants in nature, namely centaurin, delphinidin, petunia, pelargonidin, paeonidin and malvacin, among which centaurin anthocyanins are mainly found in mulberry. Peng Zumao et al measured the content of centaurin in mulberry as 1015 mg/kg. The results showed that the content of centaurin anthocyanins in mulberry was similar to that in blueberry.


In recent years, fruit tea drinks are favored by consumers for their rich taste and natural ingredients, and their low health burden is the pronword for them. Mulberry products of different brands of tea drink shops come in a variety of forms, including fresh, sour and sweet mulberry juice with smooth taste, mulberry smoothies with delicate taste and cool thirst quenching, and mulberry milk tea with the integration of mulberry fruit and rich milk flavor. As the TOP brand of new tea drinks, “Nai Xue's tea” launched the first product combining mulberry and tea drinks - "Domineer mulberry" - as early as March 2019, which is far ahead in the industry.


“Missa Ice City” and “Heytea” are also among the top brands of new tea drinks, and have successively launched milk tea with added mulberry juice.


The mulberry is processed into extract by modern advanced technology, Mulberry fruit extract has a wide range of applications in the market. It is commonly used in food and beverage products as a natural colorant and flavoring agent. The rich purple color of anthocyanidins gives food a vibrant hue, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Mulberry fruit extract is also widely used to beverages like tea, juice, and wine to provide a unique flavor and purple color.