Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone, a Wonderful Sweetener


Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone ( NHDC, CAS No.: 20702-77-6) is extracted from Citrus Aurantium L. It is characterized by a large sweetness, about 1500-1800 times compared with sucrose, and the taste is fresh and long-lasting, and there is no unpleasant feeling of saccharin or stevia after use. What is more commendable is that NHDC has an excellent effect of improving taste, NHDC as a unique additive is used in combination with other sweeteners for the improvement, enhancement and overall improvement of the taste of food and beverages, and has an excellent effect of blocking bitterness. Therefore, this product can be used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industry and feed industry as a sweetener (or taste modifier), in the flavor has excellent use.


Food sweetener/sweetness enhancer:

Combined with sucralose, saccharin, etc., it has a strong synergistic effect, which can improve the sweetness and make the sweetness more pure. Widely used in juice drinks, fruit wine, desserts, baked goods, candy, chewing gum, sauces, low energy drinks, etc. Adding NHDC to carbonated beverages can improve the sour taste, astringency and poor aftertaste of the products. In Belgium, NHDC is added to sugar-free gum and lemon tea, in Spain it is added to soft drinks, and in Switzerland it is added to various sugar-free and low-energy foods and ingredients.


Sweetener for functional food/health products:

NHDC is a low caloric value sweetener, and has physiological activities such as hypoglycemic, cholesterol-lowering, antioxidant and so on. Especially suitable for functional food, dietary supplements and other health food as a sugar substitute.


Pharmaceutical raw materials:

The physiological function of NHDC determines the raw materials that can be used to manufacture pharmaceutical raw materials for lowering blood lipids, liver protection agents and stomach drugs.


Taste modifier (bitter masking agent) and flavor modifier:

NHDC can act on bitter receptors, the effect of removing bitterness is significantly better than that of general sweeteners. It can mask the vinegar and spicy smell in tomato sauce, and the combination with AK sugar can inhibit its metallic taste.


Adding NHDC to animal diets can greatly improve the flavor and palatability of feed, cover up and improve the adverse bitter taste of some ingredients in the diet (such as some protein raw materials, vitamins, metal ions and some pharmaceutical ingredients, etc.), so as to enhance the appetite of young animals and promote their growth.