Natural Pigment- Sodium Copper Chlorophyll


Color Index: E141

CAS No.: 11006-34-1

Characteristic: Dark green fine powder, soluble in water, slight soluble in ethanol and chloroform. And the is trans-parent without precipitation.

Ref. Standard: GB26406-2011, USP40

Application: Widely used in food coloring, drinks, daily chemicals, pharmaceuticals, deodorization etc industry. The dosage is general controlled in 1/10000 to 5/10000.

Studies on bioactive substances in plant foods have shown that increasing fruit and vegetable consumption is closely related to the decline of cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases.

Natural chlorophyll is easy to decompose when exposed to heat, light, acid and alkali, and insoluble in water, so its application is limited. Therefore, the structure of the natural chlorophyll is modified to become a stable metal porphyrin structure. Sodium Copper Chlorophyll as a metal porphyrin has a high stability, metal porphyrin is widely used as food additives, cosmetics additives, colorants, medicine and other fields.

Application research in the medical field has a bright future because of its non-toxic side effects. A paste made of Sodium Copper Chlorophyll accelerates healing when treating wounds.

It can be added to cosmetics as dye. Sodium Copper Chlorophyll is dark green powder, odorless or slightly smelly. The water solution is transparent green, deepening with the increase of concentration, light resistance, heat resistance, good stability.

With the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the emphasis on health, the negative effects of synthetic dyes used in textile dyeing on human health and ecological environment have been paid more and more attention. And the use of pollution-free green natural dyes for textile dyeing has become the research direction of many scholars. There are few natural dyes that can be dyed green, and Sodium Copper Chlorophyll is a kind of food-grade green pigment, a natural chlorophyll derivative, which can be extracted through saponification, copper reaction, and refined into a metal porphyrin with high stability, dark green powder, slightly metallic luster.

The advantage of sodium copper chlorophyll sold by KINGHERBS LIMITED lies in its good water solubility and stability. It has a good antioxidant effect, can effectively promote cell metabolism, improve immunity, and protect the health of the body. In addition, our sodium copper chlorophyll also has the characteristics of good taste, easy digestion and absorption, etc. It can be compatible with various foods and beverages, and is an ideal choice for your healthy life.