What is Green Coffee Bean Extract?


Green Coffee Bean Extract is extracted from Coffea arabica and Coffea Robusta. Chlorogenic acid is the main components, which can be used as health care products and food with very high nutritional value. In some foreign countries and many areas of China, green coffee bean extract has been added to some health products which people take for a long time, or in some drinks and baked desserts, which indirectly makes the human body intake reasonably and plays a good role in health care for the body.


Let’s see closely the health benefits of green coffee bean extract.


1) For Losing Weight

Chlorogenic acid, which is found in Green Coffee Bean Extract, can effectively monitor glucose release, enable the body to keep its glycemic index stable, urges the body to boost its metabolic processes and burn more calories, also it enhances the metabolism of stored fat.

2) For Cardiovascular Protection

Chlorogenic acid can protect vascular endothelial cells by scavenging free radicals and is anti-lipid peroxidation, and plays a role in preventing and treating atherosclerosis, thromboembolic diseases and hypertension.

3) For Scavenging free radicals and Antioxidant

Green coffee bean extract has strong total antioxidant capacity in certain concentration range, which has strong scavenging activity for DPPH radical and reducing ability on iron ion , but does not have chelating ability on metal ion. It has strong antioxidant activity and is a potential natural antioxidant.

4) For Antibacterial and Antiviral Effects

Chlorogenic acid has effects as antiviral, hemostasis, increasing white blood cells, shortening blood coagulation and bleeding time and so on. It can inhibit and kill many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, such as staphylococcus aureus, hemolytic streptococcus, dysentery bacteria, typhoid bacillus, pneumococcus and so on. It also has obvious effect on acute laryngeal inflammation and skin disease, and is clinically used in the treatment of acute bacterial infections.

5) For Anti-mutation and anti-tumor effects

Chorogenic acid has a strong ability of inhibiting mutations, which can inhibit the mutations caused by aflatoxin B and subdigestive reaction, and can effectively reduce the mutations of bone marrow erythrocytes caused by γ -rays. It can achieve the effect of cancer prevention and anti-cancer by reducing the utilization rate of carcinogens and its transportation in liver. It also has a significant effect on inhibiting colorectal cancer, liver cancer and laryngeal cancer, and is considered as an effective chemical protection against cancer.


Main Specifications of Green Coffee Bean Extract from Kingherbs:

Total Chlorogenic acid 5% / 15% / 35% / 40% / 45% / 50% / 60%

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