The Benefits of Beetroot Powder


Beet is a deep red with knotty root vegetable. Beetroot is rich in many nutrients, such as:Folic acid, iron (a necessary mineral in red blood cells to produce hemoglobin), vitamin C, potassium, manganese, and more.


Beetroot powder is made by grinding dehydrated beetroots into tiny particles. Beetroot powder can be mixed with water to make juice, or added to smoothies, sauces and even baked foods.


1. Increase Nitrate Levels

The rich content of sugar beet natural nitrate (inorganicanionsnitrate, NO3), have a function to dilate blood vessels, and helps lower blood pressure, promote the blood circulation. In addition, beetroot is rich in high-quality iron and vitamin B12, vitamin B12 is one of the necessary elements of the hematopoietic mechanism, and iron is the main element of the composition of heme.


2. Lower Inflammation

The bright red color of beetroot comes from its "Betacyanin" (Betacyanin), which is a chemical that has a good antioxidant and anti-free radical ability, which helps protect cardiovascular health, prevent chronic inflammation and anti-tumor cell growth. The "Betacyanin" in beetroot is a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants not only slow down cellular oxidation, but have also been shown to relieve chronic inflammation.


3. Rich In Potassium To Improve Brain Function

The rich potassium in beetroot also helps balance sodium levels in the body and helps stabilize blood pressure. Increases blood flow to the brain and helps keep the brain young. Can prevent amyloid buildup in the brain, protect the brain nerve.