What are the featured ingredients and new trends in Vitafood Asia 2023 ?


On September 20-22, 2023, Vitafoods Asia Exhibition was held as scheduled in Bangkok, Thailand, covering the entire nutrition and health industry chain.


Hot raw material

This year's show is a very clear trend: everywhere is showing collagen, lutein, astaxanthin.


The market heat of collagen in the past two years is very high, is still one of the hot raw materials of this year's exhibition, the current mainstream track is still based on oral beauty, bone and joint health is becoming the second curve of collagen growth.


Astaxanthin can be seen everywhere at this exhibition, and it is also a conventional raw material in the oral beauty market, but based on its special physiological properties, the applicable market also includes immunity, sports nutrition, eye health, etc., and the world's major raw material suppliers are also carrying out clinical research data in this area.


Turmeric, a spice raw material, has an inherent advantage in the Southeast Asian market, and Indian companies are more concentrated in the supply of raw materials. Herbal medicines represented by curcumin in the past two years in Europe and the United States market heat is very high, but need to pay attention to a major limitation is "bioavailability is too low", there is a class of cross-border curcumin suppliers in the world, are relying on their own technical advantages to break the circle.

Characteristic raw material

In addition to conventional raw materials, characteristic raw materials are also one of the dimensions of competition in the market. Such as:

Snail extract

Fig Extract

Pelargonium sidoides Extract

Longan flower extract

Salvia officinalis Extract

Perilla Leaf extract