Spoonshot release Food trends in 2023


01 Alternative Seafood

People are increasingly interested in alternative food because of the importance they attach to their own health, the protection of the earth's environment and the concern for animal welfare. According to statistics, from January 2016 to April 2022, people's interest in alternative food increased by 262%. The primary reason why it is an alternative to seafood is that the consumption of fish is growing while the number of global fish stocks is decreasing.

02 Clean ingredients

Salmoonish, a plant based salmon substitute launched by the Swedish seafood company Hooked Foods, is made with a patented formula of soybean, pea, wheat protein, algae and other ingredients. It has the taste and appearance of ordinary salmon, and the content of protein and omega-3 is comparable to that of ordinary salmon.

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03 Sustainable agriculture

With the development of science, technology and economy, soil degradation has become an increasingly serious and worrying problem.

According to the data of WWF, the most fertile topsoil in the world has lost 50% in the past 150 years, 10 times faster than the rate of replenishment. Many large companies began to use the model of renewable agriculture to conduct sustainable soil management. According to statistics, since 2019, enterprises' interest in renewable agriculture has increased by 138%.

04 Authentic flavor

According to the latest SPOONSHOT consumer survey, Chaat Masala, a natural compound spice from India, is the hot target of consumers at present. It is understood that Chaat Masala is mainly composed of natural aromatic plant ingredients such as Mango powder, Cumin powder, Coriander, Ginger Powder, black pepper, Pepper powder.  It is mainly used as a flavor enhancer for street snacks in India, and can also be used in other food and beverages to form a variety of flavor combinations.

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05 Women's Health

Women's health is often a neglected topic. Because most of our knowledge about human health comes from men, but men and women are different in physical structure, spirit and emotion, so problems about women's health are often misdiagnosed or not completely treated.

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06 Emotional food

A study from the Lancet, an authoritative British medical journal, shows that in 2020, the COVID-19 will lead to an increase of 53.2 million depression patients and 76.2 million anxiety patients worldwide.

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