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Ginkgo Biloba Extract

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CAS No.: 90045-36-6

Botanical Source: Ginkgo Biloba L.

Plant Part Used: Dried Leaf

Appearance: Fine light yellowish brown powder

Specifications: Ginkgo flavone glycosides 24% by HPLC

                        Terpene lactones 6% by HPLC

                        Ginkgolic acid 5% by HPLC


Ginkgo leaf extract comes from the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba, which has been used in China for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. Research performed during the past 15 years suggests that ginkgo may be of value in the treatment of age-related physical mental deterioration, dementia, peripheral vascular disease and organic impotence. Ginkgo may also reduce the severity of depression in individuals with cerebral dysfunction. Preliminary or uncontrolled studies suggest that ginkgo may benefit some patients suffering from tinnitus, vertigo, acute cochlear deafness, macular degeneration, cyclic edema and asthma.


Blood flow amelioration, increasing the brain blood-supply;

Inhibition of oxidative damage;

Memory amelioration, activate thinking ability;

Blood fat and dense amelioration; anti cardiovascular disease;

Eliminate hands and feet anaesthesia;

Treatment of hypofunction of the brain and peripheral vascular, and specially effective for memory loss, dementia;



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