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Althea Root Extract

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Althea Root Extract / Marshmallow Root Extract

Botanical Source: Althaea officinalis L. / Althaea rosea L. Cav.

Plant Part Used: Root

Specification: 4:1; 5:1; 10:1; 20:1

Appearance: Fine Brown Powder


Althea Root's mucilage content helps soothe inflamed tissues, often caused by bronchitis and asthma. It also relieves dryness and irritation in the chest and throat, usually brought on by colds and persistent coughs. Althea Root has been known to relieve indigestion, kidney problems, urinary tract infections, and even external skin wounds such as boils and abscesses.


Promote healthy of eye and skin through reducing the risk of macular degeneration;

Be good at protecting the eyes, the arteries and the lungs from damaging free radicals;

Reduce the risk of heart diseases and cancers;

Anti-oxidation, high stability, innocuity and high security;

Preventing degeneration of eye muscles effectively and improving eyesight;

Availing to cure heart disease; Resisting arteriosclerosis.


Marshmallow is demulcent, laxative and stomachic. It protects and soothes the mucous membranes. It is highly useful in dry cough, bronchial asthma, bronchial catarrh and pleurisy. Roots are used to cure excess stomach acid, peptic ulceration, gastritis, colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Mouthwash from roots is used in inflammations. Infusion of flowers is used to soothe inflamed skin. Roots ointment is used for treating boils and abscesses. Dried root is used as a toothbrush and is chewed by teething children.



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