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Marigold Extract

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Marigold Extract

Botanical Source: Tagetes Erecta L.

Plant Part Used: Flower

CAS NO.: 127-40-2

Appearance: Fine Orange to Reddish Orange Powder

Specifications: Lutein 5%, 10%, 20%, 80%, 90% (UV,HPLC)

Marigold extract is heated to increase flow ability and then purified to remove the fatty acids commonly found in marigold extract and produces crystalline lutein and zeaxanthin. Lutein is a well known carotenoid found in the human diet, blood and tissues.

KINGHERBS can offer 5%~90% Lutein, which has the functions of below:

Anti-oxidation, resisting aging, high stability, innocuity and high security;

Having strong effects on curing eye diseases;

Availing to cure heart disease;

Resisting arteriosclerosis;

Preventing blood vessel blocking up;

Cutting down the occurring of cancer;

Preventing degeneration of eye muscles effectively and improving eyesight;



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