Lemon Verbena Extract

Lemon Verbena Extract

Botanical Source: Aloysia triphylla.

Plant Part Used: Whole herb

Specification: 4:1; 10:1;

Botanical source:Aloysia triphylla.

Synonyms:Lemon Verbena Extract Powder

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Product Introduction
Appearance: Fine Brownish Yellow to Brown PowderParticle Size: 98% through 80 mesh
Loss on   Drying: NMT 5.0%Ash Content: NMT 5.0%
Total Plate Count: <10,000cfu/gTotal Yeast & Mold: <1,000cfu/g
E. Coli: to be absentSalmonella: to be absent

Heavy Metals
Arsenic (As):   NMT 2ppmLead (Pb): NMT 3ppm
Cadmium (Cd):   NMT 1ppmMercury(Hg): NMT 0.1ppm


Lemon Verbena is a deciduous perennial shrub.   It grows to a height of 3 to 7 meters and exudes a powerful lemony scent.Lemon verbena extract may help eliminate inflammation in the blood of people with multiple sclerosis.

Shipment Details

1. Packing: Packed in fiber drum, LDPE bag inside. Net weight: 25kgs/drum; 
2. Storage: Keep tightly sealed, store away from moisture, strong heat and sunlight;
3. Lead time: Usually 7-10days after order confirmed;
4. Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions;