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Myricetin,Vine tea extract,ampelopsis

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Vine Tea Extract

Botanical Source: Ampelopsis grossedentata W.T.Wang.  

CAS No.: 529-44-2

Part used: Leaf

Appearance: yellow-beige crystalline powder.

Specification: 50%, 80%, 90%, 98% Myricetin by HPLC


Myricetin is a naturally occurring flavonol, a flavonoid found in many grapes, berries, fruits, vegetables, herbs, as well as other plants. Walnuts are a rich dietary source. Trace amounts can be found as glycosides.It is one of the phenolic compounds present in red wine.

Main Function:

Clearing the free radical; anti-oxidant;

Benefit for Brain health; 

Diminish inflammation;

Anti-cancer; anti-inflammatory;

Preventing the forming of the thrombus;

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