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Bilberry Extract

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Bilberry Extract

Botanical Source: Vaccinium myrtillus L.

CAS NO.: 84082-34-8

Part Used: Berry

Specification: Anthocyanidins 15%, 25%, 35% by UV;

                      Anthocyanins 15%, 25%, 35% by HPLC.



Bilberry, with scientific name as Vaccinium myrtillus., belongs to the azalea family. In Europe, North America and Canada, as nutritious food, it may help form iodopsin, thus making eyes suit with the light, keeping vision in dark light and reducing fatigue sense. At present, bilberry extracts are widely used in health-care products for vision and cardiovascular, such as retinitis, cataract, glaucoma and piles caused by diabetes.

Main chemical composition:

The chemical composition in bilberry mainly as: anthocyanidins, organic acid, polysaccharides, tocopherol, alkaloids, volatile and other ingredients.

(1). Compounds of flavonoids

Mainly as anthocyanin and other flavonoids compounds.  Inside anthocyanin(anthocyanoside),there are 5 kinds of anthocyanin: cyanidin, delphinidine, malvidin, petunnidin, peonidin and galactose, arabinose, glucose orrhamnose; For other flavonoids, mainly as quercetin, kaempferol and myricetin, in addition, also with hyperin, quercitrin and isoquercitrin. Also there are some reports bilberry containing catechin, lL-epigollocatecholl-gollocatechol and dl-gollocatechol.

(2). Organic acids

There are great number of organic acids in bilberry fruits, mainly as citric acid, malic acid, shikimic acid, quinic acid, glycolic acid, succinic acid, citramalic acid, glyceric acid, malonic acid, glucuronic acid, galacturonic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid and phosphoric acid, also some others as paracoumaric acid, o-coumaric acid, m-coumaric acid, ferulic acid, syringic acid and vanillic acid, etc.

(3). Other ingredients

There are also some ingredients of volatile, polysaccharides,tocopherol and alkaloids in bilberry fruits.  In addition, there are great number of amino acids and mineral materials in it, mainly as cystine acid, cysteine acid, lysine acid, histidine acid, arginine acid, asparagines, serine acid, tryptophan acid, valine acid, tyrosine acid, pyenyalanine acid, leucine acid and proline acid.

The major efficacy

Anthocyanidins has very good result to many ophthalmologic diseases, further with several kinds of pharmacologic activation.

Activate enzyme in retina, promote compounds of rhodopsin;

Improve vision in dark light, cure nyctalopia;

Protect blood vessel with effect of Vp, strongly continue the permeability to blood capillary.

Inhibit the solidifying of blood platelet caused by adrenaline and ATP, prevent the symptom of thrombus and arteriosclerosis;

Inhibit the activation of collagenase, strengthen collagen;

Activation to anti-ulcer, inhibit the activation of Enz of carcinoma cell and restrict the breeding;

Cure pathological changes omentum hemorrhagic disorders,and prevent cataract;

Adjust the value of blood glucose for diabetics, reduce the injection quantity of insulin;

Powerful effect to anti-oxidant and clearing free radical.

At present, VMA in bilberry has been used in the fields of ophthalmologic treatment. The cure to nyctalopia, weakness of blood capillary, the blood-brain barrier and gastric ulcer by these medicines has been used in Italy, France, Spain, Korea, America and New Zealand.

The mechanism acting on eyes from bilberry

The eyes of human being are the organ with highly accurate structure, of which the blood capillary is easy to get damaged.  

The main reasons as follows: (1) The arteriosclerosis of adult is the basic element for destroying the blood capillary. Old people have many diseases of adult, such as: high blood pressure, diabetes, high blood fat, etc, which easy to cause the arteriosclerosis. And arteriosclerosis may bring about high permeability and weakness of blood capillary, leading a result of breakage to damage the vision, even blind. (2) Free radical also may damage the cell on the wall of blood vessel and the cell related to micro-cycle of blood in blood capillary. For example, endothelium cell and red blood cell, these two kinds of cells will lose elasticity after get damaged and become very weak.  Some of the cells even will shorten the life to decline and fall earlier.

To view the eyesight failing of human being from the angle of molecular biology, you can find out the real reasons for myopia:

1. With increase of eye’s using intensity, the compound of rhodopsin inside retina appears insufficient seriously, so as to lead dropping for susceptibility of the vision;  

2. Micro-cycle of blood in ciliary muscle appears obstacles so as to lead dropping to the adjusting function of eyes;

3. Too many free radicals gather together inside eyes so as to cause fatigue and aging to eyes easily.  

The main effective ingredients in bilberry are natural rhodopsin and flavonoid. Rhodopsin is the most basic material for eyes’ vision. It may strengthen the adaptability to dark light. Flavonoid has same activation of vitamin P, which is the best material to protect blood vessel. They can quickly pass the protective screen of blood—brain—eye and enter directly into eye rods in retina and ciliary muscle, etc., to provide energy, keep eyes nutritive, promote growing of rhodopsin, improve blood cycle in ciliary muscle, strengthen the storage of muscle power in ciliary muscle and its adjusting function, clear oxidant free radical inside eyes, so as to thoroughly solve the dropping of eyesight. This appears clear result and has no any side-effect.  



Protect capillaries from free radical damage;

Prevent the cardiovascular diseases;

Bilberry is a rich source of anthocyanosides, compounds possess potent antioxidant ;

A treatment for mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of mouth and throat;

Treating for diarrhea, enteritis, urethritis, cystitis and virosis rheum epidemic, with its antiphlogistic and bactericidal action.



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