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Blueberry Extract

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Blueberry Extract

Botanical Source: Vaccinium Corymbosum L.

Plant Part Used: Berry

CAS No.: 84082-34-8

Specifications: Anthocyanins 5%~35%; Anthocyanidins 5%~35%;
                        Pterostilbene 1%-20%


The genus Vaccinium has a mostly circumpolar distribution with species in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Many commercially sold species with English common names including "blueberry" are currently classified in section Cyanococcus of the genus Vaccinium and come predominantly from North America.

Blueberry extract is a natural substance applied in supplement field. Said to offer a range of health benefits, blueberry extract is often touted as a rich source of antioxidants. These antioxidants include anthocyanins, purported to reduce inflammationand protect against heart disease and cancer.


Protecting eyesight and prevent blindness, glaucoma and improve myopia;

Scavenge free radical activity;

Preventing atherosclerosis;

Soften blood vessels, blood circulation;

Enhancing immune function;

Preventing brain from aging, anti-cancer and anti-oxidant;

Reducing age-related memory loss;

Helping fight breast cancer.



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