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Cordyceps Mycelium Extract

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Cordyceps Mycelia Extract
Latin Name: Cordyceps sinensis
Specification: Polysaccharides 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% UV
Certification:ISO, FDA, HACCP, Kosher, Halal
Application Form:Tablet, Capsule
Application:Food, Health Care Products, Medicine
Extract Source:Cordydeps Mycelia

Cordyceps mycelium extract has the functions of regulating immune system, anti-tumor, anti-fatigue, stopping bleeding and eliminating phlegm, etc. It can also improve immunity by stimulating cell. Experiments have shown that Cordyceps can inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of Th2 cells, meanwhile, it can alleviate the chronic allergic inflammation.

Application :
1. Relieves asthma
2Increases lung function
3. Boosts libido and sexual function
4. Improves athletic performance by increasing energy
5. Strengthen the body
6. Postpone caducity
7. Protect the heart
8. Promote the sleep and appetite
9. Promote the immune system
Shipment details:
1. Packing: Packed in fiber drum, LDPE bag inside. Net weight: 25kgs/drum; 
2. Storage: Keep tightly sealed, store away from moisture, strong heat and sunlight;
3. Lead time: 7-10days after order confirmed;
4. Shelf Life: 2 years if sealed and stored in the recommended conditions.
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