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Gotu Kola Extract

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Gotu Kola Extract

Botanical Source:Centella Asiatica L

CAS No.: 84696-21-9/34540-22-2

Plant Part Used: Whole herb

Appearance: Light yellow to white powder

Specifications:Asiaticoside 10%-90%,Madecassoside 50%,

                          Total Triterpenes10%-80%




Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica), commonly centella, is a small, herbaceous, annual plant of the family. Mackinlayaceae or subfamily Mackinlayoideae of family Apiaceae, and is native to India, Sri Lanka, northern Australia, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Melanesia, Papua New Guinea, and other parts of Asia.
Gotu Kola Extract is regarded as one of the most spiritual and rejuvenating herbs in Ayurveda and is used to improve meditation. Gotu kola has been widely used for a number of conditions, particularly in traditional Eastern health care. In Ayurveda Gotu kola is one of the chief herbs for revitalizing the nerves and brain cells. It is said to fortify the immune system, both cleansing and feeding it, and to strengthen the adrenals.


Main Function: 

1.Promoting healthy skin, anti-wrinkle, promoting cicatrization and helping skin   conditions, such as burns, scar tissue and psoriasis

2. Enhancing mental acuity, staving off memory deterioration.

3. Improving blood flow by strengthening blood vessels, and mitigating unsightly varicose veins.



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