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Notoginseng Extract

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Notoginseng Extract
Botanical Source: Panax Notoginseng
Part Used: Root, stem and leaf
CAS No.: 80418-24-2
Molecular Formula: C54H92O23
Molecular Weight: 1109.46
Appearance: Fine light yellow powder
Specifications: Total ginsenosides 70% by UV
                       Total saponins 80% by UV
                       Ginsenosides 80% 
                       Panax notoginsenosides 90% by HPLC

Deacription of Notoginseng Extract:

Extract of Panax notoginseng is the dry root, stem, leaf of Panax Araliaceae Panax notoginseng (Burk.) FH Chen. Notoginseng Extract is made of highly concentrated pharmaceutical grade notoginseng extract powder. It contain high potency notoginsenoside, Ginsenoside Rb1, Ginsenoside Rg1, Ginsenoside Rd, Ginsenoside Re, and Ginsenoside Rb2, which are most active ingredients impacting on your overall health and nutritionally support healthy heart function, blood circulation, and performance.

1. Improving microcirculation and regulating Internal secretion. 
2. Good for traumatic injury, postpartum Stasis, uterine bleeding, amenorrhea and Some other hemorrhagic diseases.
3. Promotion of blood cell metabolism and balance blood cell.
4. Expanding blood vessel and degrade blood pressure.
5. Protect and cure heart tissue.
6. Enhancing study and remember ability.
7. Intensify organism immune function, anti-tumor, anti-aging.
8. Anti-inflammatory.

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