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Poria Cocos Extract

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Product Name:Poria Cocos Extract

Latin Name:  Poria cocos(Schw. )wolf 

Synonyms:  Indian Buead Extract, Tuckahoe Extract
CAS No.:    10236-47-6 
Specification: Poria cocos polysaccharide   5%,20%
                      Poriatin 2%
                      Poriatin/ Poria cocos polysaccharide   1%/2.5%
Part of Plant Used: Rhizome


Poria cocos is a traditional popular Chinese medicine in China.Poria cocos mainly contain polysaccharide, carboxymethy pachyman and triterpene. It is a new type of immunoregulation nutritive health food. It adopts Tuckahoe, a pure natural Chinese medicine, and it refined through modern high techniques and advanced crafts. It can strengthen the physiological activities and prevent disease. It can promote the functional recovery of the human immunity system. It can induce or promote induction of the interferon and leukocytic opsonin. It has indirect antiviral and anti-neoplastic effection and lessens the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. It can protect livers, lower the enzyme(CPT), prolong the life, calm the nerves, strengthen the stomach, improve looks and so on.

Main Function:

Strengthening the physiological activities and preventing disease; 

Promoting the functional recovery of the human immunity system; 
Relieving stomach acid  
Anti-cancer, owning the strong suppression to transplantable cancer of growth retardation.
Treating edema, oliguria and retention of phlegm
Treatment of hepatitis 
Anti-aging,Skin whitening
Reducing the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy; 
It has the function of protecting livers, lowering the enzyme(CPT), prolonging the life


1. Applied in health product field, as raw material to produce various kinds of health products, such as poria cocos polysaccharide capsule, tablet, electuary and so on;
2. Applied in pharmaceutical field, oral pachymaran is a kind of common medicine to treat tumor.
3. Applied in cosmetic field, as raw material to added into cosmetic, which can delay skin aging and skin whitening.




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