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Ferulic Acid

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Product Name: Natural Ferulic Acid  
Botanical Resource: Oryza sativa L.
Specification: 98% by HPLC
Original: Rice Bran  
Color: Light Yellow to White Crystallize Powder
CAS No: 1135-24-6

What is Ferulic Acid?
Ferulic acid is an antioxidant which neutralizes free radicals (superoxide, nitric oxide and hydroxyl radical) which could cause oxidative damage of cell membranes and DNA. Ferulic acid helps to prevent damage to our cells caused by ultraviolet light. Exposure to ultraviolet light actually increases the antioxidant potency of ferulic acid. Ferulic acid is often added as ingredient of anti-aging supplements. Studies have shown that ferulic acid can decrease blood glucose levels and can help diabetes patients.

Main Functions:
1. Enhancing human body’s motility of mobility.
2. Inhibiting platelet aggregation, increasing 3H-5HT,releasing from platelet.
3. Anti-oxidation, clear free radical, protective cell, accommodate body immune function.
4. Anti-bacteria, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor, anti-mutation, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
5. Inhibiting thrombosis, lowering blood viscosity.
6. Increase brain microcirculation, as a treatment for ischemia palsy.
6. Skin whitening,providing good protection against UV for skin

1. Applied in pharmaceutical field, ferulic acid is mainly used as raw materials or Pharmaceutical intermediates
2. Applied in cosmetic field, Ferulic acid is mainly used as raw materials with the function of anti-oxidation, skin whitening and protection against UV
3. Applied in food field. Ferulic acid is one of the important precursor when producing vanillin. Vanillin possesses thick milky flavor, widely used in various kinds of flavoring foods which need added milky flavor, such as cake, cold drink, chocolate and candy. It also can be used in fancy soap, toothpaste, perfume, rubber, plastic and pharmaceutical.



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