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Dendrobium Extract

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Dendrobium Extract 

CAS#: 2115-91-5
Other names: Herba Dendrobii Extract, Fimbriate Dendrobium Stem P.E, 
Botanical Source: Dendrobium nobile Lindl
Specifications: Dendrobine, Ratio Extract

Traditionally, dendrobium plants have been used in Traditional Chinese medicine. Today, dendrobium is showing up in pre-workout supplements used to boost physical and athletic performance. Some experts are claiming that dendrobium will be the next hot stimulant supplement. Some are touting it as a replacement for the stimulant dimethylamylamine (DMAA).

Dendrobuim Extract is a stimulant but unlike other stimulants it does not restrict blood flow in any way. If you need that quick “pick me up” before you go to the gym then Dendrobium is the perfect supplement to provide you with that feeling.

Dendrobium can also be taken alongside caffeine to really give you that extra boost of energy to optimise your workouts. As is can speed up your metabolism, the rate at which our body breaks down food, it is also a powerful supplement for weight loss and can be taken alongside a healthy balanced diet to help boost weight loss even further.
Antipyretic analgesic action
Promoting gastric juice to secrete, helping digestion
Increasing metabolism and anti-aging
Reducing fever and nourish yin
Reducing the heart rate, blood pressure and respiration
Good for hyperglycemia
An agent for treating and preventing cataract
Boosting immune function.



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