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Garden Burnet Extract

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Garden Burnet Extract

Botanical Source: Sanguisorba Officinalis L.

Part Used: Root

CAS No.: 35286-59-0

Specification: 10:1

Active Ingredients: Ziyu-glycoside I,II; Tannic Acid; Sanguisorbin A,B,E

Molecular Formula: C35H56O8

Molecular Weight: 604.81



Breast cancer and AngiogenesisIn the analyzing Sanguisorba officinalis L. (SA) effects on human breast cancer utilizing in vitro and in vivo methodologies, found that SA inhibited proliferation, induced S phase arrest and triggered mitochondrial pathway apoptosis in both cancer cells. Angiogenesis experiments revealed that SA inhibited VEGF expression in both cancer cell lines. Meanwhile, the proliferation, tube formation and migration abilities of endothelial cells were also inhibited. In vivo experiments demonstrated that SA reduced tumor size and neoangiogenesis in both cancer xenografts. Gallic acid and ellagic acid were finally identified as bioactive compounds in SA.

Anti-hyperlipidemic EffectIn the investigation of anti-hyperlipidemic effects of a chemically modified triterpenoid glycoside (ZYM-201 sodium succinate) isolated from Sanguisorba officinalis in rats in which hyperlipidemia had been induced by dietary administration of cholesterol and cholic acid, found that ZYM-201 sodium succinate could play a role in modulating hyperlipidemic conditions, which could be used as a valuable remedy for the treatment of relevant disorders such as atherosclerosis and vascular diseases.

Anti-asthmatic EffectIn the evaluation of the protective effects and underlying mechanisms of S. officinalis ethanolic extract (SOEE) in a murine ovalbumin (OVA)-induced asthma model, found that inflammatory cell infiltration and mucus hypersecretion were inhibited by SOEE. In addition, OVA-induced increases in reactive oxygen species were attenuated by SOEE. All these effects were correlated with heme oxygenase-1 (HO-1) induction by SOEE. These results indicate that SOEE has therapeutic potential against bronchial asthma associated with allergic diseases that is due, at least in part, to HO-1 upregulation.

Antioxidant activity: In the review of the recent publication by Ou et al. identified a close relationship between in vitro antioxidant activity and classification of Chinese herbs as yin or yang in 45 Chinese herbs, scientist reported that for the first time antioxidant properties of many Chinese herbs. High antioxidant herbs were identified as Sanguisorba officinalis root (1940 micromol TE/g). Antioxidant capacity appears to correlate with the flavors of herbs identified within the formal TCM classification system and may be a useful guide in describing their utility and biochemical mechanism of action.

Anti wrinkle: In the examination of the potential of a Sanguisorba officinalis root extract as an active ingredient for wrinkle-care cosmetics, found that a significantly different effect (p<0.05) of the test formulation from that of the placebo. This result suggests that ziyuglycoside I isolated from S. officinalis root extract could be used as an active ingredient for cosmetics.

Anti-allergic Effect: In the investigation of the antiallergic activity of the natural disaccharide, 5-O-alpha-D-(3-C-hydroxymethyl)lyxofuranosyl-beta-D-(2-C-hydroxymethyl)arabinofuranose using both in vivo and in vitro experimental models from Sanguisorba officinalis, found that the compound markedly diminished both coronary flow reduction and histamine release on challenge to the antigen. These data demonstrate that this antiallergic natural disaccharide.



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