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Zea Mays Extract

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Zea Mays Extract / Corn Silk Extract

Botanical Source: Zea Mays L.

Plant Part Use: Silk.

CAS No.: 84696-06-0

Appearance: Brown yellow

Specification: 5:1, 10:1, 20:1

Active Ingredient: Maizenic acid, vitamin K, mucilage, saponins, allantoin, tannin


Corn silk are the fine pale yellow threads that surround an un-shucked corn cob and are actually that stigmas from the female plant. These threads have traditionally been used as a medicinal herb to treat a variety of disorders, especially those affecting the urinary tract. Corn silk contains saponins, B vitamins, and small amounts of iron, zinc and other minerals.

Glucose Metabolism:

A study conducted by J. Guo, T. Liu, L. Han and Y. Liu and published in the November 2009 issue of " Nutrition and Metabolism " investigated how corn silk would affect hyperglycemia in mice. The result stated that corn silk extract significantly reduced the level of hyperglycemia by increasing the insulin levels and repairing damaged beta cells from the insulin producing pancreas. They also saw an increase in the ability of the subjects' livers to store sugar. It was suggested that corn silk could be used as a medicine or food source for those who suffer from hyperglycemia.


Increase the excretion of chloride. The diuretic effect is mainly outside of the kidney, to the kidney function is very weak;

It has a choleretic effect, increase bile secretion and promote bile excretion, can reduce organic and impurity in bile;

Can accelerate the process of blood coagulation, increase blood levels of thrombin increased platelet count;

Lowering blood pressure and blood glucose effect, the fermentation preparation of corn stigma has a very significant reduction in blood sugar to rabbit.


Cornsilk can be used in conditions of high uric acid such as gout and some types of arthritis. It helps to reduce conditions of painful swelling.

It helps soothe irritated tissue. Even though it is diuretic, it can also benefit frequent urination by soothing bladder irritation.



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