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Ashwagandha Extract / Withania Somnifera

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Ashwagandha Extract 

Botanical Source: Withania Somnifera

Other Name: India Gensing Extract.

Plant Part Used: Root

Specification:  1.5%- 5% Withanolides ;

                       1% ~2% Alkaloids 1%.

Appearance: Brown Yellow Powder


It is called “Indian ginseng”, which contains alkaloids, steroidal lactones, withanaloids and iron. It has the function of anti allergy, anti histamine,anti bacteria,local anaesthetic, antipyretic and pain relieving.

Alkaloids could be used in sedative and pain relief, lowering blood pressure. The function of anti-inflammation of withanolides can inhibit cancer cell growth, treat chronic inflammation, such as lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, reducing vaginal discharge and improving sexual function, etc.

Main Function:

Maintains necessary bodily functions;

Enhances the results of radiation and chemotherapy;

Best source for antioxidants and hormonal forerunners;

Regulates the nerve signals and makes sure that it is balanced;

A great source of energy and develops stamina by managing the process of metabolism;

Protects the immunity cells that are subjected to chemicals that may prevent the cells to work properly;

Improves the white blood cell in the body in a way that it increases the phagocytosis or the process of removing dead cells.

Ashwagandha extract can treat different diseases like inflammation, arthritis, stress and anxiety, and even mental disorder;



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