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Viola Tricolor Extract

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Pansy Extract / Viola Tricolor Extract

Botanical Source: Viola tricolor L.

Part Used: Flower,100% Natural

CAS No.: 84012-42-0

Specification: 10:1; 18:1


Pansy (Viola tricolor) to soothe and treat skin conditions and to fight skin imperfections. In folk remedies, a poultice of wild pansy is applied to any skin ailment to help clear it up, and the proven anti-microbial effect of this plant has validated its ancient use. This herb has traditionally been used for acne, but also for any skin imperfections, including eczema, pruritus or any condition where inflammation was present.

Recent clinical trials have confirmed the antimicrobial effect of this plant while the anti-inflammatory effect of Pansy helps for a vast array of skin imperfections, as well as an anti-aging ingredient, as any inflammatory condition may contribute to aging. Apart from this, it also contains good antioxidant properties and has a soothing action on the skin.



Lowering the blood pressure;

Treatment of all sorts of skin problems;

Be helpful in bronchitis, asthma and whooping cough;

Treating rheumatism, cystitis and difficulty in passing urine.



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