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Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

Common Name: Melaleuca Oil

Botanical Source: Melaleuca alternifolia Hydrosol

Part Used: Leaf

CAS No.: 68647-73-4

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow liquid

Main Constituents:  Terpinen-4-ol, 1,8-cineole, citronellal, Aromadendrene;

                                α- terpineol, γ-Terpinene, α- terpinene, α-pinene;

                                Limonene, Terpinolene, Sabinene, P-cymene.


Tea tree oil, or melaleuca oil, is an essential oil with a fresh camphoraceous odor and a color that ranges from pale yellow to nearly colorless and clear. It is taken from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia. Tea tree oil should not be confused with tea oil, the sweet seasoning and cooking oil from pressed seeds of the tea plant Camellia sinensis or the tea oil plant Camellia oleifera.

Tea tree oil is widely used in low concentrations in cosmetics and skin washes. Tea tree oil has been claimed to be useful for treating a wide variety of medical conditions. It shows some promise as an antimicrobial. Tea tree oil may be effective in a variety of dermatologic conditions including dandruff, acne, lice, herpes, and other skin infections. The National Pediculosis Association recommends caution when using tea tree oil for the treatment of pregnant women and young children because of safety concerns.

Terpinen-4-ol is considered the primary active ingredient of tea tree oil. It is also the compound of highest concentration in the essential oil ofnutmeg.

Main Function:

A very powerful immune stimulant;

Fight all three categories of infectious organisms (bacteria, fungi, and viruses);

Help to fortify the body and reduce post-operative shock;

It clears up wounds and is useful with acne, dandruff and head lice;

Help to soothe sore muscles and generally fortifies the body;

Help to alleviate overly oily secretions of the skin;

The oil can soothe cuts, scratches, sunburn and cold sores.


Tea tree oil is considered a safe oil as it is non-toxic and non-irritant, but It should not be used on deep wounds or near the eyes, ears, nose or internally. Please remember that it is a most powerful oil, but using it unwisely could result in problems.



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