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Taxifolin / Taxifoliol

Botanical Source: Engelhardtia roxburghiana Wall.

Other names: Distylin, Dihydroquercetin

CAS No.: 480-18-2

Sepcification: 80%, 90%, 98% Taxifoliol by HPLC



As Engelhardtia dihydroxyflavone leaf sugar alcohol with the main component of acid Guanidine dimethoxy with anti-oxidation of fat suppression role, promoting blood circulation, reducing blood fat, lowering blood glucose and enhance immune function and prevention of cancer and other the role of physiological activity. At the same time, skin allergies, local inflammation and anti-aging also have very good results.

Main Function:

Powerful Antioxidant: A theoretical study of the conformational behavior and electronic structure of taxifolin correlated with the free radical-scavenging activity.

Anti-Inflammation Activity: The effect of taxifolin on the serum aminotransferase and tissue adenosine triphosphate (ATP) phosphohydrolase activity to elucidate the possible mechanism of its anti-inflammatory activity.

It ameliorates cerebral ischemia-reperfusion: Amelioration of CI/R injury by taxifolin may be attributed to its anti-oxidative effect, which in turn modulates NF-KB activation that mediates CI/R injury.


In food industry: Anti-oxidant additive to increase products shelf life (for instance pastry shelf life is increased 2-2.5 times)Artificial aging of wines, spirits, and cognacs; it also improves its taste while protecting human liver from destruction Perfume production and cosmetology;

Capillary recovery:  It lowers the chance of stroke and heart attack; Dihydroquercetin is known for its ability to recover capillary vessels and capillary walls.



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