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Swertia Extract

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Swertia Extract

Botanical Source: Swertia bimaculata L.

Part Used: Whole herb

Ingredient: Swertiamarin, Sweroside

CAS No.: 17388-39-5; 14215-86-2

Specification: 18% ~ 98% Swertiamarin;

                       4:1; 10:1 ;20:1;


Swertiamarin is a class of Iiridoids extract from Swertia millensis which can reduce liver injury cause by toxicity substances and prevent for liver injury cause by absence of oxygen. Swertiamarin can also inhibit to central nervous system, it is a significant role of removing spasm and pain, it shows good effect as a treatment of gastroente ritis. Researches confirmed that swertiamarin show 50% inhibition rate to liver cancerunder consistency of 35~50μg. We can expect that Swertiamarin still have deeper level of research value as a new anti-cancer drugs.

Main Function:

Rebuild liver cell;

Improve circulation of liver;

Prevent hepatitis from Galt;

Regulation of the immune system;

Anti-oxidant; Anti-cancer;Antibacterial; Anti-inflammatory;

Treatment of liver and gallbladder damp, red eyes and throat, toothache, enteritis, dysentery.



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