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Spirulina Powder

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Spirulina Powder

Botanical Source: Algae (from Hainan farm)

100% pure organic spirulina powder

Active Ingredient: Protein

CAS No.: 724424-92-4

Appearance: Deep Green Powder


Spirulina is rich in Essential fatty acids, variety of Vitamins, and also a good source of Minerals. Besides, Spirulina contains many pigments. The protein content high spiral algae reaches as high as including the protein 55%-70%, also excellent in quality, easy to digest the absorption, does not contain any digestion absorption barrier factor.

Main Function:

Energy is increased within a few hours of taking it;

Proven to relieve allergies and those with breathing difficulties;

Aids in detoxification and natural cleansing of the body;

The antioxidant properties significantly decrease the risk of cancer;

Contains antibiotic, anti-infective and anti-viral properties which stimulate the immune system powerfully;

Reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases by reducing inflammation within the body;

Restores natural body weight by satisfying the body’s need for complete and genuine nutrition;


Spirulina is used as a human dietary supplement as well as a whole food and is available in tablet, capsule, flake, and powder form. It is also used as feed supplements.



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