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Sapindus mukorossi Extract, Soapnut extract

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Sapindus Extract

Botanical Source: Sapindus Mukorossi Gaertn.

Part Used: Peel

CAS No.: 8047-15-2

Specification: Soapnut Saponin 50%,60%,75%

Appearance: Light Brown Powder.


Natural plant fruit of Sapindus tree through artificial Shaizhi peeling, then pure peel can be directly used to extract the active ingredients - saponin, the manufacture of natural pollution-free detergent supplies - soap milk Sapindus Sapindus Soap. Detergent supplies of this type of natural plant, is already quite popular in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, the United States and other countries. Europeans, like the peel of Sapindus, not processed, intact wrapped in a cotton bag, soaked rub squeeze to produce foam, used directly in the laundry, shampoo and body wash.

Main Function:


Soapnut Saponin is often used in bath cream, can remove bacteria and make skin smooth and white;

It is often used in shampoo, can dispel effectively dandruffs, ease scalp itching and remove oily scalp;

In cosmetics, when discharge makeup, it can remove eye shadow, eyebrow pencil and powdery bottom;

It is often used in washing powder and cleaning agent, can dispel besmirch and Kill bacteria;

It is used against asthma, diarrhoea, cholera, verminosis and gastralgia dyspepsia;

It is used as surfactant and used for washing hairs and fabrics.

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