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Safflower Seed Oil

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Safflower Seed Oil

Botanical Source: Carthamus tinctorius

CAS No.: 8001-23-8

Part Used: Seed

Appearance: Clear bright yellow oil

Specification: Fatty Acid



Safflower seed oil is obtained from high quality safflower seeds by cold pressing, which is one of the nature's most valuable vegetable oils due to its unique fatty acid composition. It provides a high concentration of essential unsaturated fatty acids including Linoleic Acid (85% most.). The other essential nutrients present in safflower oil are omega-6 fatty acids etc. The cis-linoleic acid present in safflower oil gets converted into gamma linolenic acid (GLA) that triggers the brown fat to burn calories. Therefore, people who are looking for ways to lose weight as well as maintain their weight should include safflower oil in their regular diet. Safflower oil also promotes hair growth and healthy skin as it contains vitamin E.


Losing weight, eliminating the excess fat;

Moisturizing the skin;

Improving blood sugar levels;

Regularizing menstrual cycles;

Strengthening the immune system

Reducing the risk of heart diseases & the level of cholesterol;

Increasing its resistance power against certain infections and diseases.



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