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Royal Jelly FD Powder

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Royal Jelly Powder

Botanical Source: Royal Jelly

Other names: Bee Milk Powder

CAS No.: 4350-09-8

Specification: 4%; 5% 10-HAD


Royal jelly is made by bees to feed the queen bee. Some larvae are given royal jelly, but only the queen receives it once maturity has been reached. Queen bees, are, in effect, super bees, and they may indeed be what they eat. The queen goes on to lay millions of eggs and lives up to 40 times longer.

KINGHERBS’s Royal Jelly is extremely pure and powerful, which contains 100% Pure Royal Jelly Powder. It is the most powerful brain food and also has one of the highest concentrations of easily digestible protein. It serves to help rebuild exhausted hormone systems, especially adrenal, pancreatic and reproductive functions.

Main Function:

Preventing and treating cancer;

Enhance the Immune System;

Increase appetite and improve nutrition;

Regulating effect on the function of liver and stomach;

Significantly improving human immunity and energy;

Sterilization and stimulate skin cell replacement;

Treatment for anemia and retard the aging process;

Function of strengthening hematopoietic system,reduce Cholesterol & Stabilize blood sugar;

Preventing hypertension, high blood sugar, hardening of arteries, cardiac arrhythmia, diabetes and other diseases;



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