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Pineapple Extract

Botanical Source: Ananas Bracteatus "Striatus"

CAS No.: 9001-00-7

Plant Part Used: Stem & Skin

Appearance: Light yellow powder

Specification: 600~2400GDU/G


Pineapples have a long tradition as a medicinal plant among the natives of South and Central America. The first isolation of bromelain was recorded by the Venezuelan chemist Vicente Marcano in 1891 from the fruit of pineapple. Bromelain is an extract derived from the stems of pineapples, although it exists in all parts of the fresh plant and fruit, which has many uses. The extract has a history of folk and modern medicinal use. As a supplement it is thought to have anti-inflammatory effects. Bromelain also contains chemicals that might interfere with the growth of tumor cells and slow blood clotting. However, there is no peer-reviewed research showing any efficacy against tumours.

Main Function:

Pharmacy & Health Care Industry:

Prevent cardiovascular disease & cancer;

To stimulate immune; To be used for burns;

Anti-inflammatory: Treatment of inflammation and edema;



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