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Loquat Leaf Extract

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Loquat Leaf Extract

Botanical Source: Eriobotrya japonica Lindl.

Part Used: Leaf

CAS No.: 77-52-1

Molecular Formula: C30H48O3

Molecular Weight: 456.68

Specification: Ursolic acid 25%, 50%, 90%, 98%

                      Maslinic Acid 1%~20% by HPLC

                       Corosolic Acid 1%~98% by HPLC


It is the leaf of loquat belongs to rosaceae plant. The leaves are alternative and long oval-shaped or inverted ovate. The Loquat leaf has the effect of removing heat from the lung to relieve cough, preventing vomiting. It can be used for cough due to the lung-heat, rapid respiration, stomach heat, dysphoria with thirst. 


The extract of the Loquat leaf can be used in a variety of ways, In our Detox Foot Pads, the Organic Loquat Leaf extract will assist the body by acting as a mucolytic agent, which helps dissolve thick mucus that holds toxic compounds.

Removing heat from the lung to relieve cough;

Good for rapid respiration, stomach heat, dysphoria with thirst;

Preventing vomiting; Antioxidants;

Lowering blood glucose;

Decreasing the need for insulin secretion;

Supports the Pancreas;

Assisting the liver in detoxifying chemicals;

Fighting Skin Inflammation, skin cancer and a variety of viruses.



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