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Black Truffle Extract

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Black Truffle Extract

Botanical Source: Tuber melanosporum

Part Used: Tuber

CAS No.: 85085-76-3

Pure Powder


Black Truffles (Tuber Melanosporum) are the most famous Truffles in the world. The mycelia of truffles form symbiotic relationships with the roots of several tree species including beech, poplar, oak, birch, hornbeam, hazel, and pine. They prefer argillaceous or calcareous soils which are well drained and neutralor alkaline. Truffles fruit throughout the year, depending on the species and can be found buried between the leaf litter and the soil.


Black Truffle Powder has the effect of enhance immunity, anti-aging and anti-fatigue effect. Knead amazing truffle flavor into pasta or brioche dough by adding a few tablespoons of Black Truffle Powder. Create a rich truffle depth by using in broths and soups. Particularly delicious in sauces made with cream, white wine or champagne and served over pasta. Use Black Truffle Powder to infuse compound butters, oils and pate. Enhance any mushroom duxelles with a dusting of Black Truffle Powder. Black truffle powder creates an intense, elegant, multi-layered truffle essence, which is a welcoming addition to dishes requiring truffles. Only a small amount is needed to impart the earthy, robust, exotic floral truffle flavor to any dish. 



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